It’s A Love Hate Thing: Love Bama & Hate TN

  My grandparents live in this incredible home, looks something straight out of a Southern Living magazine. Did I mention the home sat on a...

NEW Jersey’s & Heels: Classic Rivals

Jerseys & Heels: CLASSIC RIVALS Ladies (& Gents)!  Mrs. Sonshine is bringing you another Jersey's & Heels episode with special surprise feature, former BAMA DB...

NEW Jersey’s & Heels Video #2

 Ladies! (and Gentlemen) Here is your Jersey's & Heels video this week! These videos are  just for you to find a smile on your face,...

Cowboys, Twitter & Mayweather’s Bank Account

Saturday was like Christmas morning at my house! So excited about College Game Day, I couldn't help but to wake up earlier than usual...

Jersey’s & Heels: Football Lingo Refresher

Here's this season's FIRST episode... Jersey's & Heels

Jerseys & Heels: Football Refresher 101

I am so excited to bring you this season's FIRST edition to Jersey & Heels! I wanted to share with you a few quick refreshers, so by the time that TV flips on or you're at your first tailgate, you will be prepared and confident to jump in ANY convo about the game of football! The guys won't know what hit them and your "sexy meter" will shoot through the roof! What guy doesn't love a girl who attempts to learn something new, or enjoy something he enjoys!?

An Olympic Gold for Our Southern Gentleman and the Island of Grenada

The first Olympic medal of any kind for his humble little island of Grenada and our Bama Nation. Our gold medalist was a two-time NCAA champion at Alabama! So here's to Alabama and our amazing Bama Nation breeding CHAMPIONS and true southern gentlemen. Congrats Kirani, we're proud to have been a part of your story! ROLL TIDE

Do The Ladies Run The Tide? Sure Looks Like It!

Between UA's girl softball team and Miss University of Alabama, this week has been taken over by the ladies in the Crimson Tide!

Miss University of Alabama, Helping Girls feel like Royalty

“There is something so rewarding about doing something for someone else and when I see that spark in someone to make a change, no matter what area, I become even more inspired,” – Caitlyn Brunell, Miss University of Alabama Caitlyn will be competing for Miss Alabama this June.

All My Single Ladies

She went into 2012 with this single thought in mind...To be in the season I'm supposed to be in, in the season I'm supposed...

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