Photo Opportunities

Jan 23, 2016; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama head coach Nick Saban speaks to fans during a presentation to celebrate the victory in the CFP National Championship game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

by 4Q Basket Case
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Family Activities / Photo Ops

There are several places that make good photo ops (see map below):

  • Walk of Champions (map)– This is the north-facing entrance to the stadium and includes stone markers for conference and national championship teams, as well as statues of the five coaches who have won national championships at Alabama.
  • Wall at North End of Walk of Champions (map) – There’s a short (3 feet tall, more or less) wall, complete with landscaping and “University of Alabama” that is right off the sidewalk on University Boulevard. The stadium and Walk of Champions are in the background and can make a really nice shot.
  • Tuska Elephant StatueNew addition at the corner of University and Wallace Wade. Some might remember it as the site of the old Phi Delta Theta fraternity house.  Huge bronze statue, recently moved from the North River Yacht Club.  Proving really popular for photo ops.
  • Denny Chimes (map)– Campus landmark on the south side of the main Quad. Captains from teams going back at least to the 1940s have put their handprints and cleat prints in the concrete, and it makes for a good shot.

Also around Denny Chimes is a topiary of an elephant that can be good background material for a photo.

  • President’s Mansion (map)– Unless you’re a big donor, you probably won’t get into the President’s Mansion on game weekend. It sits directly across from Denny Chimes and is a really pretty antebellum home, four columns, azaleas, etc.  Great background for a picture of a pretty girl or happy couple.
  • Woods Quad (map) – An underappreciated area of campus between the main Quad and Ferguson Center. Originally a barracks, now home to a lot of offices for professors of liberal and fine arts.  Peaceful respite if you need a break from gameday mayhem.
  • Steps of Gorgas Library (map) – Climb the steps of the Gorgas Library and turn around, facing Denny Chimes and further in the distance, the President’s Mansion. Nice panoramic shot, and I’m kind of partial to it – Mrs. Basket Case and I got engaged there.
  • ­Gorgas House (map) – A small house off the northwest corner of the main Quad. Former home to multiple generations of the Gorgas family, several members of which played big roles in the formative years of the University, and one of whom made a huge contribution toward getting the Panama Canal completed.  Cool architecture and recently-redone landscaping.  Another good spot for background color.

Upgraded Experiences / Amenities

If you book far enough in advance, you can buy what the University calls, “Enhanced Experiences.”

Specific offerings vary from game to game, and numbers are limited.  But they include things like:

Again, not everything is offered for every game.  Check ahead with UA and book as soon as you can.

Finally, check UA Enhanced Expereiences