Alabama Crimson Tide fans tailgate prior to the game against the Missouri Tigers at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports
Alabama prior to the game against the Missouri Tigers at the Dome. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles- Sports

by 4Q Basket Case
TideFans Moderator

***updated 7/30/2021***

Tailgating Warning

The has made no announcements about tailgating for the 2021 season.  I’d expect that even they don’t yet know what they will do or allow on University property.

What follows below is the way it was for the 2019 season.

If you’re planning to tailgate, CHECK  WITH  THE 

Depending on your version of tailgating, it ranges from really easy to really complicated.

Main Quad

The primary tailgating venue is the main quad in the center of campus.  There’s a lot of structure around that, though.  All of the good space, and most of the marginal space, is reserved for the entire season via payment to the University.

You can do that direct from the University, or through a few -approved providers.

One that the refers tailgaters to is Tailgate Guys.  As with the Clutch! parking app, there is no connection whatsoever with TideFans.  It is provided only FYI.  Whatever you work out with them is between you and them, etc.

Cost varies with complexity of setup.  It can be as simple as a tent and some chairs, all the way up to multiple tents, televisions, seating, tables, catering, bar staff, etc.

Cost also varies with the demand for the game.  For example, the cost for a non-conference game against a directional school will be less than the exact same setup for or Auburn.

As far as food and drink, if it’s legal, you can bring it on the quad.  They also allow open barbecue setups, though I’ve always wondered about the safety issues of a zillion kids, all on sugar buzzes, riding Razers through there.

Even if you don’t go to all that trouble, it’s still to stroll through the area, especially on a big game day.

Other Areas

You can set up pretty much anywhere there’s space on property.  You might not have power, and a lot of people bring their own generators.  Up to you to get the food, drink and equipment there and out.

Trash & Breakdown

The is pretty good about having trash cans all over the place, and also deliver heavy-duty trash to tailgaters for free.

They’re strict about the cleanup, though.  You have to be completely cleaned up and out by a designated time. Check with the for specifics.

Street Vendors

Especially on the east side of the quad, there are lots of food trucks, selling all kinds of stuff.  Mainly dogs, burgers, barbecue, ice cream and the like.

My personal favorite of these is Jim’n’Nicks barbecue, but everybody has opinions.