Guaranteed the Victory



Amongst all the hype about the National Championship, all the planning of going or watching it, talk, watch and cheer, the reality is, behind all the hoppla, for most of us, real life is tugging on us, and for some, it’s trying to throw us flat on our faces.

Just a quick reminder today for a lot of you who are going through something tough and
you’re thinking to yourself “where in the world is the Light?!”

Life or what I know is “the enemy”, never takes a day off. (I’m not calling life the enemy, but sometimes we get confused with Who’s against us. It’s not life, it’s the enemy. Get it?)

He get his high off his non stop pursuit to get us knocked off our feet


and see us defeated. He never stops or takes a break. Almost  like he’s in          3-a-days but even more serious than that. His goal is steal, kill and destroy you. You might not believe it, but it’s true. He wants to STEAL your joy and peace, KILL everything about you, and DESTROY your focus and perseverance as you run after God’s will and all he has planned for your life!

That joker seems like he’s preparing for the National every morning when we wake up! All pumped up to ruin our day, and do whatever he can do get us off track.

Seems scary huh?

First things first, God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of POWER, LOVE and a PEACEFUL MIND. You have nothingto be afraid of when you are living and walking in the will of God. You might say “Well, I don’t what His will is”, if you ask Him, He will show you. If you’ve asked and still seem to be lost and not sure, maybe you need to take five seconds and listen better. Chances are He’s telling us, we’re just too caught up, stressed out and full of worry to actually shut up and listen.

Second awesome point is, you’re guaranteed the Championship:

See the devil might fight like he’s

champ, but the Word of God tells us we’ve already got the VICTORY. It’s all about the result on the field right?  So it doesn’t matter who talks the biggest, or walks with the most swagg… all that goes down the drain when you get out on that field. Face to face with the enemy and you’ve got the God of the Universe on your side!? Pretty awesome  and should give you a to WIN.

Think Tebow style: you know, looks like you’re loosing in the beginning, all odds on the enemy, but before it’s over, you and your are guaranteed to find a way to pull out a WIN over the enemy!

And that  I was talking about, yeah, it’s right up ahead. In fact it’s been shining all along you just weren’t looking in the right direction. Turn around and you’ll see it.





Praying for you all this Holiday Season. I know this is the time of year is most wrenching for some. For others it’s the most wonderful time. If you find yourself needing praying, email me

Peace, Love & Roll Tide – Mrs. Sonshine

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