It’s A Love Hate Thing: Love Bama & Hate TN


My grandparents live in this incredible home, looks something straight out of a . Did I mention the home sat on a golf course right in the valley of the incredibly gorgeous . Oh no, not The

Smokey’s set in the Carolina’s, but right down the highway from Neyland Stadium, in Townsend TN.

My grandpa isn’t a die-hard fan, but living there for the past 15 years, it somehow has seeped into his blood to cheer for the and he makes sure we know who will supposedly “win” every time the school’s match up for some type of game. He does the same thing when it comes to and that’s why we hate even more…

He does it to get our boiling….

’s vs. TN

Being married to a former player, I don’t really have a choice but to HATE the either. I mean Simeon hates Tennessee so much, he’d rather admit he loved Auburn than EVER join in the singing of “Good ole Rocky Top”! Yesterday he joined former on Knoxville’s radio and took some valuable time to talk trash about their past playing against each other and then of course guaranteed each other a butt whoppin’ this coming up!

Eric! Watch out!




We all know Coach has got our boys ready, and this Saturday night I will be cheering so loud you all will probably be able to hear me from wherever you are watching this historic … Roll !





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