Extremely Blunt Disclaimers

credit: Mickey Welsh/Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK
Photo credit: Mickey Welsh/Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK

by 4Q Basket Case
TideFans Moderator

  • The experience varies by the magnitude of the game. LSU and Auburn present different challenges, offer different rewards, different crowd profiles, and have different atmospheres in comparison to non-conference games against directional schools.
  • There are no bargains in Tuscaloosa on a game weekend. If you’re looking for cheap tickets to Auburn between the 40’s, or a nicely-appointed, but inexpensive, room within walking distance of the stadium for an SEC game, you need a reality check.  Unless you’re staying with family or friends who also give you tickets, those things don’t exist.
  • Expect to leak money the entire weekend. Get your mind right, and come to terms with it.  You’re going to spend money, and you’re going to do it all weekend.  If that causes you so much heartburn that you can’t enjoy the experience, do yourself a favor:  stay home, and watch the game on TV.
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  • Neither TideFans nor 4Q Basket Case Are Your Travel Agent – This information is accurate to the best of my knowledge as of the date it’s written. But things change – old places close, new ones open, and reservation and wine policies change.  I’ll keep this as updated as I can, but make no guarantees.

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