A-Day wrap-up: Next-gen Bama has the talent, but will need polish

With some two dozen players held out or limited, the picture that A-Day painted will likely be more of an artist's rendering rather than...

What are Auburn and UT doing? What would Alabama do instead?

If weirdness was an Olympic sport, Auburn and Tennessee would have to find a way to split a gold medal.

Alabama 2021: Returning players, new signees battle to keep the dynasty going

Alabama's 18th national championship is in the books, and with it, the depletion of talent across the Tide's depth chart. While Alabama certainly brings in more elite talent than most other schools, it also loses more, primarily to the NFL Draft but also to the NCAA transfer portal.
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Ohio State wrap-up: Tide bloodied the Buckeyes, but it won against an even greater...

As football is often compared to wartime conflicts, and coaching strategy to military maneuvers, there needs to be some kind of martial terminology fit to describe what Alabama football did to the rest of the sport's landscape in 2020. Because when the fog of war finally cleared from its Miami battlefield, it only revealed the same blitzed terrain that had been present in Alabama's twelve other skirmishes. The Crimson Tide had buried Ohio State 52-24 much the same way tanks bury any detritus that is unlucky enough to find itself caught under their treads.

Ohio State preview: The ‘Bama of the Upper Midwest’ tries to unseat its muse...

Over the same time frame in which Nick Saban has dominated Southeastern Conference football – and if not for Clemson, dominated the entirety of Southern football altogether – only two teams from other conferences have been able to keep pace.

Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Ohio State

Disclaimer: This is not an official University of Alabama document. The depth chart is taken from individual practice and game observations, and is color-coded....

Notre Dame wrap-up: Bama D took advantage of Irish’s speed limits

Everyone has heard by now how Notre Dame struggles in postseason games, those games that come when the Fighting Irish can't either pick their own schedules, or hide within a one-other-team ACC. Had Trevor Lawrence not been sidelined with Covid-19 issues the first time Notre Dame and Clemson faced off in the middle of the regular season, Alabama would have been playing Texas A&M in a rematch today, or maybe Cincinnati if the media pressure to include non-Power 5 teams had finally reached the point it could sway the College Football Playoff committee.

Notre Dame preview: On paper, a balanced – but mostly untested – Irish team

efore we get into a review of Notre Dame's season-as-whole, we'll address the obvious, meaning the two games against Clemson that Notre Dame split: Yes, Notre Dame played the hands-down No. 2 team in the country and beat them once. But if the rest of the season is any indication, no one really knows if the Fighting Irish are really good or not.

Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Notre Dame

This is not an official University of Alabama document. The depth chart is taken from individual practice and game observations, and is color-coded.

Florida wrap-up: Tide took Gators’ best shot, but lives for another day

  There's a quote attributed to the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards about music and musicians, and rising to the level of the performance, and as...

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