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All My Single Ladies

She went into with this single thought in mind…To be in the season I'm supposed to be in, in the season I'm supposed to be in it ~A friend once told as she was about to turn 30, “You just fit into your skin better in your thirties.”

Life is a journey of discovering who you are.  The older you become, the more you understand about yourself, , life and others.

You don't usually come across a and esthetician (that's Greek for skin care treatment specialist) who happens to be a youth pastor on the days she's not on set for TV serving as a hair and make-up artist.  You don't find that person often and not usually in . Besides being absolutely gorgeous from the inside all the way to the outside, Kerri Bunn believes no matter where you are in life, single or not, it's important to know who you are and where you are going.  For her, that's the best part about being 30+ and single…yes, she's single.  I was shocked too.

Most women you meet, who are 30+ and single, are desperately searching for “Mr. ” to come along and haven't grasped their own purpose as a result of spending all their time and energy on this daunting scavenger hunt.  Kerri has not fallen into that trap and knows where she's going.

Her entire take on is a whole lot different these days and if we could all find out what's super important enough to us and hold out for it, I think the “failing marriage” statistics and increased divorce rates would be less sickening than they are today.

Fortunately for Kerri, her work is always an opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time with women, “It's about connecting.  I just want people to shine, ya know??”

She and her customers have shared relationship advice, hair and tips, and true heartfelt confessions all in one 30 minute sitting. She says she can solve the world's problems with a few makeup brushes and concealer. (Which by the way Kerri says will solve a world of problems under your eyes too).

Her most recent and exciting adventure has been working on a show that aired in January.  She does hair and makeup for Amanda LeBlanc, the focal point of the show “The Amanda's”. To give insight to women, of all ages, showing them they can be a part of something more than themselves is something I know a lot of women desire to do, but just won't take the first step forward.

“We were created for something bigger than ourselves. And no matter what role you play- it's important. People, all working together for one purpose”, – Kerri

What's inspired me the most is the fact that Kerri has found her passions.  She has allowed her gifting to flow and is truly living life to the fullest every single day. Why do we feel the need to have a husband checked off our “to-do” list to be fulfilling our calling? Who says being married is a pre-requisite for changing the world or doing what we were created to do? Be encouraged to find the gifts you have that are going to help you others and do something with them.

To wake up every day, drink a cup of joe and then to live out her passions is truly to live. To grow a little more and then encourage someone in some sort of life-changing way every day is her goal.  I mean, don't we feel a little more alive when we can give someone a little wisdom has shared with us along the way?!

On her bbeautifulyou website, she writes about products I use, find, & love. You can follow Kerri on -@bbeautifulyou


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