Kids & Other Activities

by 4Q Basket Case
TideFans Moderator

Kids Activities

Lots of blowups and similar games for the kids on the quad.  Plus, they love to watch all the tailgating goings-on.

Sometimes, individual departments have activities, face painting, etc., usually on the quad.

Non-Food Vendors

The Strip has several shops to pick up swag.  Ranges from cheap t- to really nice Arthur Court serving ware. 

our online if you want some swag before you arrive at the game.

The University Supply Store (a/k/a “Supe Store”) is in the Ferguson Student Center, but there’s always a big tent on The Quad with lots of apparel, books, and other memorabilia.  Also, they’ve recently opened a small brick-and-mortar store on across from Gallette’s.

Bryant Museum

The Bryant Museum is in the same complex as the Capstone Hotel, between and Stadium.  Lots of people view it as a pilgrimage, and it really is cool.

Keep in mind, Coach Bryant died almost 40 years ago.  A lot of weren’t even born during the second heyday in the late-70s, let alone the first one in the 60s, and even fewer have clear memories of either.  The OFC revels, but it might as well be ancient Rome for a lot of the younger folks.

So, while it concentrates on the Bryant years, it’s also about football history in general.

Still, if you haven’t been, or if you’re an football history buff, it’s definitely worth a visit.  The museum is small but has some cool stuff.