When The World is Against You


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So last night Simeon (my husband, for all you new readers) and I FaceTimed just so I could watch the end of the Broncos (NFL) game. I was at my parents and they didn’t have the channel it was airing on, so he flipped the phone towards the TV and I got to watch! I technology.

He knew I’d want to watch because one of my favorite in the world was driving his team down the field to win the game. What got me so fired up and emotional over it was the series of events that has taken place the last two weeks, maybe longer. Quarterback, has been persecuted, made fun of, mocked, and “bullied” all over the internet, on every media outlet, out the mouths of millions of Americans, and all because of…

well, because he’s not coward.

Ever since he stepped into the NFL, all people have said over and over is, “he’ll never make it as a QB in the NFL”, “he’s not good enough”, “he won’t make it”, etc.

ESPN analysts would literally sit on national television and argue with each other about how good or bad was. Students on campuses across the country think he’s a weirdo because he’s so “perfect”. They would be quoted making comments like,

“No one is that perfect. Noone just knows the words to say or has that great of morals”, what does he think he’s Jesus?”.

But here’s the deal:

He is PROUD of his because that is what is important to him, and instead of doing what most people would do and sugar-coat or beat around the bush, he’s very clear on what’s most important to him and Who he gives all the to for his success.

If you’ve read the recent headlines, “Tebowing” is the new topic. At a point it was even on Twitter (#Tebowing).

“Tebowing” is basically the “touch down dance” that Tim does, bowing down on one knee and praying. “Tebowing” is also like a lifestyle or fad people are laughing about which


should also be known as “LIVING WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE”…

They basically consider anyone who lives out their Christian as a “Tebower.”

Now, quickly, let’s not make this a religious debate, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and admit two things.


#1. My many friends of other religions are just as passionate about their religion and have the same devout attitude and commitment to their beliefs and rituals as “Tebowing”. The amazing thing is, none of them are Christians. It seems as though you can find more non-Christian people who are more committed, devoted, and not ashamed of their beliefs and what they stand for, than you can find people who claim “Christianity”. They know what is required and what it means to commit and they really don’t care what people say.

That is pretty awesome, but sadly, as a Christian myself; this makes me wonder what they heck people who call themselves Christians are doing!


#2 :  He’s being persecuted because he is a Christian. Period. If he worshipped Allah, was a Budist or practiced atheism this wouldn’t even be an issue. He would just be another young QB people don’t even spend time talking about unless you were a Gator fan. But clearly, because he says the name “Jesus” every time they glorify Tim, this irks people and causes people to find fault in him. I’m not stating an opinion, but based on the way history has played, I’m sure this is fact.


has set a standard that a lot of people dream of living up to but won’t do what they’ve got to do to live that way. So they hate on him.

There are a lot of people who claim Christianity, but have no idea what it mean to be a “Christ follower” so they persecute him for being too out spoken.

There are guys out there who have settled for what the world has to offer, rather than taking the high road and waiting to see what God’s got for them, so they call him every name you can imagine. I believe people are so convicted spiritually, that hating Tim is the only thing that relieves the pain… we refer to them as a “HATER”…


He kept fighting; he kept the and didn’t stop focusing on what was important, his role in all of this. He kept people around him who ENCOURAGED him, believed in him and didn’t let the “world” get him down. He knows and focused on the bigger picture and ladies and gentlemen,

look what’d happened!

The were 1 and 4 in the beginning of the season, and now, since he’s been the starting QB, they are 4 and 1. (4 wins-1 loss).

I know there are a lot of people reading this, aside the personal opinion of this article, who are going through personal persecution and trial. Maybe you beat your own self up. Maybe you have let the words of others, a or a spouse get in your head and beat you down. Maybe you have been told ALL your life that you weren’t good enough or you’ll never make it in that field, or that job. Maybe it’s your you’ve been wrestling with, or struggling with your path straight and narrow.

Well family, now is the time to get up, dust yourself off and get back on that field! As tempting as it is to bash or mock Tim Tebow, maybe even hate him because he’s where you want to be successfully or spiritually, let’s take advantage of this amazing EXAMPLE he has set before us. Let’s learn from his amazing story that keeps unfolding. I believe and know that because of his faithfulness, God continues to bless him and God’s promised to do the same for you!

And Baby, when you’ve got GOD on your side, nothing can stop you!

When He’s got your back, (and you’ve got to let him) the world ain’t got the last say so, HE does!

I you all! Thank you for reading, hope this was encouraging!




Stay Strong Fam

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