TideFans’ Guide to a Gameday :

by 4Q Basket Case
TideFans Moderator
*updated 8/26/*

If You Fly

If you’re planning on flying in, you’ll probably want to land in Birmingham and drive from there.  In normal traffic, the Birmingham Airport is about an hour from Tuscaloosa.  Atlanta is an option, but it’s about 3.5-4 hours each way, and you deal with the change in time zones.

Regardless of where you land, be sure to check ahead regarding detours.  There is a lot of road construction going on in Birmingham on I-59/20 , on I-59/20 just outside of Tuscaloosa and on Lurleen Wallace Boulevard in downtown Tuscaloosa..

If you fly in on Saturday, gameday traffic will definitely disrupt the normal time frame.  Depending on other construction delays, it could conceivably double the normal travel time.

Gameday Traffic

If you’re driving in on I-59/I-20, traffic varies widely depending on a combination of quality of game, proximity of the opponent, and kickoff time.

Most people will be coming from or through Birmingham, so I’ll use that as the starting point.  I’m also assuming that you didn’t spend Friday night in Tuscaloosa, and are driving in on gameday.

Under normal circumstances, with no construction and no wrecks, it’s about 60-75 minutes from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa.

traffic adds time.  The closer to you’re hitting Birmingham, the heavier the traffic. Then there’s the construction and fallout from that…

Construction Work and Closure in Downtown Birmingham – CLEARED!

Through the 2019 season, there was nasty construction on I-20/59 in the of downtown Birmingham. According to ALDOT’s 59/20 Update website, “The project is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it really does look like ALDOT did a good job planning for the closure, and the contractor executed masterfully.  This is now cleared, and fully open.

Still, leave early and bring your patience.

Tuscaloosa Construction – Interstate and Downtown

Closer to Tuscaloosa

  • I-59/20 PROJECT
    I-59/20 is widening to 3 lanes each way, including bridge work on two major viaducts – going on between Exit 77 and Exit 73 (McFarland).
    Additionally, Lurleen Wallace Boulevard is undergoing a major re-do.  It’s the primary route off of and onto I-359 in and out of downtown Tuscaloosa.  They’re taking it down to the dirt, and reconstructing the road.  Two of the four lanes each way are open, but there are barrels everywhere and uneven pavement, and the work will not be finished before or during the 2020season. For more information about the project, visit I suggest taking the 15th Street exit.  At the end of the exit, turn onto 15th Street, and move immediately to the inside lane.  Take the first left onto Greensboro Avenue and drive into downtown Tuscaloosa that way.
    The 10th Avenue project is adding bicycle and pedestrian paths on the east side of 10th Avenue.  Should be complete in September 2019.

Plan to be driving through Birmingham at least 4 hours before game time, earlier if you want the full gameday experience in Tuscaloosa.  It’ll take 90 minutes to two hours to get to town, get parked and actually make your way onto campus.  Hitting Birmingham 4 hours prior will will give you no more than 90 – 120 minutes or so to enjoy gameday atmosphere, The Strip, etc., and about 30 minutes to get into the stadium and to your seat.

Caveat:  If it’s an 11:30am game, the inbound traffic flow gets compressed into a shorter time frame, and traffic from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa can start to build earlier.

The saving grace there is that, usually, the opponent for an 11:30am game is a non-conference directional school, and that cuts the crowd.  If it’s an opponent at 11:30am, I do my gameday enjoyment after the game.

UA put out a press release on 8/7/19 detailing these projects around the city.

Suggested Route

For maximum enjoyment, plan to be in Tuscaloosa and on campus about 4 hours before game time.  If you get there closer to kickoff, you’re going to have to make some compromises on your schedule.

Take I-59/20 to the I-359 spur (Exit 71).  Take the 15th Street Exit to your right.  Then take the first left onto Greensboro Avenue .  Cross streets are numbered, and you’re moving down the number order – 14th Street, then 13th, 12th, 11th, then Paul Bryant (f/k/a 10th Street), etc.

Turn right onto 7th Street, and continue a block or two to the Downtown Deck.  Parking is free.  Turn left into the deck at the entrance between 23rd Avenue and 22nd Avenue.

If the deck is full, cruise around until you find something.  Might be a few blocks away, but this is a generally safe area, and is patrolled on .

Park & take shuttle to campus

Starting 3 hours before game time, there’s a shuttle to campus from the Downtown Parking deck – $1 each way.  You can ride it even if you don’t park at the deck.  Take shuttle to campus.  Or, if you’re early or just like to explore, the walk isn’t bad and takes you past some picturesque old Tuscaloosa neighborhoods along the way.

Other shuttles are available from on and off-campus parking.  This includes shuttles from parking areas near the Recreation Center and local shuttles from various spots around town including University Mall.  Check the UA Gameday Parking guide.


Go back the way you came.  Yes, there will be heavy traffic.  But imperfect though it may be, this is the best way.

Whatever you do, do NOT use McFarland / Hwy 82 to get to I-59/20 after a game. 

It’s kind of complicated, and has to do with left hand turns, construction, merging lanes on ramps and people not knowing any other way.  Just believe me – you can use McFarland inbound, and to other destinations. You can use it outbound if it’s not game traffic.  But don’t go to the interstate after a game via McFarland.

New 2019 Driving Laws

Alabama has two new laws that will affect drivers driving in or through the :

  1. ALL backseat riders must wear seatbelts
  2. Must drive in right lane unless passing (the “anti-road-rage” Act)


8/26/2019 – Updated Tuscaloosa and Birmingham road construction info.  Added link to driving laws changed in Alabama beginning 9/1/19.

4/20/2019 – Updated to include 10th Avenue project and press release by UA.

4/20/2019 – Updated to include additional details on I-59/20 construction in Birmingham and Lurleen Wallace Boulevard construction Tuscaloosa.