Do The Ladies Run The Tide? Sure Looks Like It!


Between UA’s girl and Miss of Alabama, this week has been taken over  by the in the Crimson Tide!


Bringing home their first National Title, the of Alabama’s girls showed the country what we are made of, and reached any ultimate goal and dream in life, being the best in what you LOVE!  Hard work paid off and they showed up back home in Tuscaloosa Thursday with a and a whole lot of smiles! So proud of you girls!


down the street in Birmingham, the Miss  pageant is taking place and our Miss of Alabama, is up for the crown! If they were basing the winner on heart, well then, Caitlin would already have won. We should all be so proud to have her represent us and our Crimson Nation!

We can’t wait to hear the results this weekend! I’ll keep you posted!

So here’s a big shout out to ALL the across the crimson shore, looks like we have our chance to shine too!

Can we get an Amen fella’s?!    ~Mrs. Sonshine


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