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NEW Jersey’s & Heels: Classic Rivals

Jerseys & Heels: CLASSIC RIVALS

Ladies (& Gents)!  Mrs. Sonshine is bringing you another Jersey’s & Heels episode with special surprise feature, former BAMA DB Simeon Castille.
Haley aka Mrs. Sonshine is helping you ladies get ready for FOOTBALL season which in return will keep your confidence high and your football game tight!
This episode we are talking about classic rivals…
Take a couple minutes and brush up so you can know the lingo and talk football with the guys!
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Have a GREAT week!

 ~ Mrs. Sonshine

Haley Hunt Castille
If you came to meet a gold-diggin’, money lovin’, show stoppin’, name brand wearin’ housewife that shops all day, who knows nothing about her husband’s job except the check that comes in every Tuesday, I’m not your girl! But if gold diggin’ is considered looking for the good in others, show stoppin’ includes impacting the world around you, you think Forever 21 is luxury name-brand and shopping for the needy is a way to spend your days, you've found me! Despite what makes the headlines of mainstream media, a lot of NFL players and their wives are happily married, planning a future together, and ensuring they make an impact well beyond the game. Here I will share our life’s journey in an open, honest, behind the scenes look at what daily life is like for the majority of NFL players and families. Football lover, sports enthusiast, owner of iammermaid LLC a trendy, inspiring t-shirt line for chics (, and founder of - Follow LIKE Facebook: Mrs. Sonshine & i am mermaid llc Photos by: Kim Maye Love
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