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If He Never Gave Me Another Thing

An incredible question seems to keep creeping up on my path and making it’s way across that absolutely fascinates me:

If God never gave me another thing in my life, would I be thankful? If He never gave me another material thing again, would I be so grateful for what He has done already, that it wouldn’t even matter?

Now, initially we all of course want to say,

“well of course I would, because He’s so great and I’m so thankful,”

but the truth is that our flesh is never satisfied. Just like our favorite sports teams, making it to the highest point possible, winning the championship. We’re satisfied, but only for a very short period of time. That team wins the victory, the next season rolls around and we’re cursing  them with everything we have if they aren’t in the running for another shot at the championship.

It’s just the same with God and all He has done for us.

We always want more, and because of ALL that we are so graciously blessed with, a lot of us will never get to the place where we’re so satisfied with JUST God’s awesomeness that He couldn’t do anything else and we’d be madly in love with Him.

What a powerful place to be in, that we’re so humbled at all He has blessed our socks off with, that we don’t desire for anything else but more of Him. To be in a place in life where we’re so satisfied with His love and GRACE on our wretched souls, that our desires for “things” and “stuff” start to change and our perspectives begin to crawl into a righteous place.

If God never gave you another thing in your life, would you be able to get to the place where ALL that He has done for you would be enough? To the naked heart, it’s a tough question, but when you really sit back and realize all the things He has blessed us with, we begin to find ourselves in the middle of a revolution between flesh and spirit.

Where is your heart today?


Haley Hunt Castille
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