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Marriage is for the Birds….

Today my heart is heavy …



I am praying for my friends in broken marriages. There are so many of them and I really have no idea what to do but PRAY. The only thing that will change someone is the power of the Holy Spirit, I’ve seen it in my own marriage. But if you’re out there and your marriage is falling apart… don’t give up.

There is hope …I’ve seen it over & over.


It’s amazing to me how these men and women somehow figure that with enough wealth, fame, or accomplishments in their life, that the rules of moral stature and fulfilling the vows promised at the alter somehow don’t apply to them anymore. Some way they figure that after marriage has gotten inconvenienced, in the way or just plain frustrating, that the rules are now lifted and marriage is now for  the birds. Their wings aren’t broken,  they just don’t want to fly anymore.
I am always reminded that it’s more than just what we can see. It’s a spiritual war. That’s why praying is so huge. The number one weapon you and I have for change is prayer. That’s why a lot of times, I don’t even have anything to offer but a listening ear, and prayer. As a friend and then as Mrs. Sonshine I have a lot of people (men & women) come to me with a desperate need and a heart with it’s last ounce of hope asking for prayer and a word of encouragement.

I like to remind others, you’re not married to just anyone, you’re married to God’s son or daughter. Trying to please a Father and treating his children right are usually a huge priority in dating and eventually in marriage. Shouldn’t this be even more of a priority because of the fact you’re married to the God of the Universe’s SON or DAUGHTER? Wouldn’t that be some kind of motivation to MOVE and SHAKE you?!

Marriage isn’t a joke. Do NOT let the enemy win.

I pray you men step up and be the LEADER God has created you and commanded you to be. I’m so sick of seeing these weak men, pretending they have no back bone, letting the devil run up in their marriage and steal it ALL away. YOU are who is suppose to be leading the family and making things right, not your wife. Yes, there are women out there that are the cause, but most of the time, if the man is being the leader he’s suppose to be, she would be following relentlessly!
  At the bottom of this post is a video I created a while back and has been rocking many lives ever since… you’ve got to take approximately 9 minutes to watch….
If you know someone in a broken marriage, please don’t be the one who’s telling them to give up, that there’s no hope or that they need to just get a divorce. That’s a lie. God HATES divorce  and the devil is having a field day breaking up all these homes. Be the one who KNOWS and believes that God can do a mighty work in a man or woman, and PRAY for them.
If you’re going through marital problems and you have those negative people around you, get away from them.
  There is HOPE, and I pray this video will BLESS YOU …Mrs. Sonshine
Haley Hunt Castille
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