Jerseys & Heels: I love to hate you


Dear ,

Now you know Mrs. doesn’t easily hate anyone or anything, I am pretty loving and compassionate if I might say so myself!  Unfortunately though, in my upbringing I’ve been trained to hate you because of history’s web of rivalry between you and my Crimson Tide. My dad played for Coach Bryant and I was born in Alex city right down the street from you, and all my life I was trained not to stand that sight of you. Well, it’s in my blood now and I can’t stand you! JK

Now that I am older I understand life’s so much more that  football, but you have to admit, it’s so much to rival between each other! All the hype, the jokes, and passion between this rivalry is one no other football rivalry in history can compare!

I do have to say I like you better than Tennessee. Your shade of orange looks way better with my skin tone than ugly Volunteer orange does. Plus I navy, so this just works well.

Good luck tomorrow, no I take that back.  You’re going DOWN! I to hate you,   Mrs.



Ladies– the BIGGEST rivalry in ever is right here in the south:

the   Crimson Tide  & the

Nothing else can even compare!


game time   at Auburn    3:30 PM ET     on

None of the other games matter do they!?

GAME ON! Roll Tide!


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