Cowboys, Twitter & Mayweather’s Bank Account

Saturday was like Christmas morning at my house! So excited about College , I couldn’t help but to wake up earlier than usual because of all the excitement in my bones! All day with family, BBQ’n and the dominating in most of their match ups. Oh, well, except of course! (sorry that was a low blow, forgive me!)


So back to Saturday night: 8pm came and though spread out across the country, maybe even across the world, millions of people, all a part of the Alabama football family, tuned in to see Saturday ’s

The vs. The Michigan

It was the the Cowboy Classic, played in the brand new stadium.

We dominated in the first half, but seem to forget often that there is a 3rd & 4th quarter to play! Not sure how long you’ve watched Alabama football, but this seems to happen a lot. Did you know by the second half, #beatbama was trending on ? To on means a LOT of people have to be talking about “beating bama”… well, we see how that ended.

may be a great boxer, but he’s clearly awful at predicting the outcome of . He bet his money against ’s Tide, 3 million dollars to be exact. To bet against Alabama, you’ve obviously been hit too many times in the head to actually call that shot.

We’re off to a GREAT start!

Enjoy this week and take a peek at  my 2nd episode of ’s and Heels! Jersey’s & Heels : Episode 2

Love you all, Roll Tide – Mrs. Sonshine

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