Miss University of Alabama, Helping Girls feel like Royalty


Of course I felt compelled to find out more about her, when heard is helping across the country feel like royalty. So I got in touch with this absolutely fascinating and here is story:

Miss of Alabama, Helping feel like

As the world turns today in 2012, it’s seldom you come across a young lady, especially one who’s life has been immersed in the beauty pageant world, that truly understands what being “beautiful” really means. Anyone competing for a crown, with the pressures of recognition based on beauty, is faced with so many choices and opportunities to compromise,
especially when the world makes it all about the outward appearance. But for of Alabama sophomore and beauty queen Caitlin Brunell, the crown represents so much more than just being beautiful on the outside.

It’s so incredibly refreshing to come in contact with fellow young people whose life’s goals include inspiring others andhelping them to fulfill their dreams. When you flip on the TV tonight, the will be spewing garbage into your living room. What is offered as reality is really just a bunch of pre-written scenes that are edited for the viewer’s maximum entertainment. So we learn and are conditioned to believe that today’s generation has no idea what it means to exude beauty from within, without compromising the outward beauty God has created you with. Although this may be true in a lot of cases

across the country, it’s the furthest from the truth when it comes to our 2012.

Caitlin’s first pageant was at 10 years old but it was also first opportunity to exude true beauty, as the contestants were not permitted to wear makeup. This was a way for her to showcase her true talent, gain confidence, and meet other from across the  country. In 2006, Caitlin and mom started Caitlin’s Closet (CC), a non- that donatesdresses to girls in need all over the country. Whether it’s prom, homecoming, or a special occasion, Caitlin’s Closet has come in and made these girls feel like royalty.


In 2008, Caitlin won Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. During reign, she asked her class of queen sisters from each state to partner up and donate as many dresses as they could. It actually became a nationwide contest and dresses came in from everywhere! As of today, CC has given away over 9,000 dresses and is continuing to give away more and more. As Miss of Alabama, Caitlin’s plan is to reach to all 50 states during year of service.

Caitlin hopes every woman is able to have that opportunity in life to feel like a

princess and from there, go on to make a difference in someone’s life. A simple act of

kindness can change the world.


“There is something so rewarding about doing something for someone else and when
more inspired,” – Caitlin Brunell, Miss of AlabamaI see that spark in someone to make a change, no matter what area, I become even


Caitlin will be competing for Miss Alabama this June.


To learn more about Caitlin’s Closet and receive information on how to donate one of your

dresses, go to www.caitlinscloset.org


Roll Tide,

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