Suggested Game Weekend Itinerary

by 4Q Basket Case
TideFans Moderator
***updated 8/27/2021***

Suggested Itinerary COVID Warning

The University has made no announcements about tailgating for the 2022 season. I’d expect that, barring yet another COVID wave, it’s over as far as they’re concerned.  But that’s my own speculation, and the University hasn’t yet put out anything official. 
What follows below is based on the way things sat for the 2019 season.
If you have any questions about any of this, CHECK WITH THE UNIVERSITY.

The following information makes all sorts of assumptions, so take it for what it’s worth.  Adjust as your schedule and desires dictate or ignore it altogether.

Friday Lunch

If you’re lucky enough to get to town in time for lunch and want something along the lines of a meat-and-three, The City Café is the place. Opens 4am. Closes 3:30pm.  Downtown Northport is small, only a couple of blocks, but has some really neat shops, and a great toy store.

If you’re in the mood for a burger, and want to experience an institution, go to Rama Jama’s next to the stadium.

Friday PM

Saturday Pregame

Note:  this necessarily involves some backtracking.  Enjoy the walk, even if you’re heading back to a general area you left a little while ago.

  • Get parked and on campus at least 4 hours before game time.
  • If you haven’t been, make the pilgrimage to the Bryant Museum first. Crowds will be lower and it’s kind of out of the way from other gameday activities.
  • Stroll west over to the quad and gawk at the tailgate scene. You’ll probably run into somebody you know.  If you’re hungry or thirsty, there are lots of vendors.
  • Continue west on to the Walk of Champions at the north entrance to the stadium. Statues of coaches and stone markers for championship teams.  As others have noted, we’re running out of room for the markers.  Alabama problems.
  • Further west, on to The Strip for pregame shopping and beverages.
  • Backtrack to the quad for the pregame band shows. The various sections of the band – the drumline, the trumpets, woodwinds, etc., play small shows in scattered locations.  It’s pretty cool.
  • Go back to the Walk of Champions to see the team enter the stadium.
  • Enter the stadium to watch the team warm up, or back to The Strip for gameday atmosphere.

Watching Other Games
[Before or after Bama games (or for watching Bama if you don’t have tickets)]

Several options here:

  • Houndstooth – big bar on The Strip. Lots of televisions.  If it’s an obscure game, this is your best bet.
  • Galette’s – If you can live with the young crowd, this has been recently renovated, and the TV options are good.
  • Egan’s – Gone, and it kills me. A place called Unique has opened in that space.  I really don’t like the way-too-cute name and refer to it as U-Bar.  Has a good number of TVs, especially given that it’s a smaller space.  It’s not really Egan’s, but I’ll take what I can get. Can get smoky.
  • Rounders has TVs, so it’s an option as well. I think they might even project the picture up on a large screen on the roof.
  • Twelve 25 has a bunch of TVs, but I’ve never been in, so I have no personal experience other than what I’ve seen through the front windows.
  • A ton of the tailgates on the Quad have TV setups, so you might be able to mooch a spot there.

Almost all Alabama games are televised on a network of some description.  So, in the event you came without tickets, all of the above options will most likely still work.

But in the unusual event that a game isn’t televised (almost certainly a non-conference game against an overmatched opponent), it’ll be on PPV.  In that case, all except the tailgate option are in play.


  • Be in line to enter the stadium about 45 minutes prior to game time. Until recently, it wouldn’t have taken that long.  Now, though, you have to go through airport-style security.  No removal of shoes, but you do have to empty pockets, take off metal buttons, etc.  Takes longer than it used to. 
  • Ladies, remember the clear bag requirement. They’re serious about it, and don’t make exceptions. If you don’t have a conforming clear handbag, leave your purse in the car or the hotel room.  Otherwise, you won’t be allowed into the stadium and somebody will have to haul your purse back to a safe spot, then make their way back to the stadium. They’re serious about it, and don’t make exceptions.
  • Enjoy the game. Yell Roll Tide! a lot.  Unless you’re doing your best drunk fraternity brat imitation, don’t sing Dixieland Delight.  Do sing “Yea Alabama” after touchdowns and “Rammer Jammer” at the end.


  • Check in on the football board.
  • Tune into the post-game radio broadcast on Tide 100.9
  • Check the website and twitter feed for up-to-the-minute traffic alerts
  • Depending on the time of day or night, make a decision as to dinner. Personally, I’d choose a casual place.
  • Relax with an after-dinner beverage of your choice, recount the day’s events, and give thanks that you are an Alabama fan.
  • Head back to the hotel and home on Sunday.
  • Prepare for the next game.