Jersey’s & Heels: a special edition


A special edition of Jerseys & Heels this week:

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  •  The most fashionable diva’s in college football fly to Cali
  • a big match up in my home land, the Sunshine State 
  •  I share who’s at the top of my prayer list, (MUST READ)


I am sure you know the drama that has broken this week in college football. I mean, unless you have literally been locked in a box somewhere or refuse to look at any media outlet whatsoever, you probably know what’s going on. If you don’t know about the week full of drama and heart ache in college football, just google Penn State… and you’ll get caught up immediately.

But I want to get to the big match ups this week!I’ve decided to add some teams, assuming a lot of you aren’t just fans, and if you have a school you’d like added to the list, email me!

     Let’s start off with my home town heros

UCF @ Southern Miss. 8 pm  not airing

My boys with the best fashion in college football, only because they have a personal stylist each week come in  from NIKE that comes in and puts them in the most amazing uniforms on the field! They are headed to Cali for a big show down!

@ Stanford    8pm   ABC

The newest addition to the SEC, our friends Texax A & M

 @ Kansas State    3:30pm     ABC

the  HUGE  ACC showdown between two universities from my home state and always a great game to watch

@ State     3:30pm    ABC/

  Coming off the loss to LSU, we will keep on keepin’, because we are ALABAMA

Alabama @ Ms. State   7:45pm  ESPN

  Birmingham’s , UAB 

UAB @ Memphis   4:15


   Other SEC :

Kentucky @   12:20  

Florida @ South Carolina   CBS

@ Georgia   3:30   CBS

Tennessee @ Arkansas    6pm   ESPN2


So football is of course, my favorite and all, but here is my real life match ups…

The top of my prayer list has grown substantially in the last few days. A lot of close friends going through trials, Simeon and I are trying to make the transition from the NFL to the real life, looking for a job and growing our company we have. One in particular that’s now on the top is the families involved in the Penn State drama and in particular, the Sandusky family (Penn State scandal). You might be reading this thinking I’ve lost my mind, but I’ve grown in my to an awesome place where when the Lord gives me a spark in my heart to pray for someone, especially my enemies or someone I don’t really “feel” like praying for, I just get on my knees anyway… and PRAY.

Of course we believe or at least have thought once or twice, “that Sandusky coach doesn’t deserve my prayers”, but Lord have mercy on him for the things he got addicted to and caught up in. I am praying for his salvation… in prison.

I am lifting up the victims and their healing, because I know the Lord can do miracles and restore these boys, now ’s lives into what He intended for them.

As long time college football friends of Penn State, the of Alabama fans need to step up their prayer game, and PRAY. We can do a lot of talking, but when it comes to praying, we just can’t find the time.

So if you would, join me in praying for Penn State and all that are involved, even the ones you don’t think deserve it…


Roll ,


Mrs. Sonshine


the top of my prayer list






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