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Jerseys & Heels: Reaullx Tide Reauxll

Before we talk about the fashion in college football this week, I have to admit, I am a little nervous about this weekend for the game of the season. The Mardi Gras of all games! Now, any real football fan can admit when another team is looking good, and LSPOO is looking slightly dangerous this year. Never the less, I never doubt my Tide and favorite, might I add, HOT, coach of my year, Nick to pull off a win with this Saturday!

ATTENTION: If you’re a man reading this, the next little point I am making is a no brainer, but this isn’t for you now is it? This is for all my ladies in jerseys and heels. You know, the creatures who don’t have as much time to sink into all the details, statics and logistics of college football, because they’re too busy picking up your dirty underwear and cooking all the snacks for game time.

But if you didn’t know, coach Saban use to coach for LSU, and is now one of the most hated people in Louisiana. Kind of like the recent “someone” involved in a major murder trial in Florida. You get my drift right? Ok, well Coach moved on to a better team and the LSU fans are still a little bitter about it. Can you blame them?


Anywho, let’s get into this gosh awful color fashion that LSPOO is lacking. Purple has always been one of my favorite colors. My hair has a purple tint to it, my rims on my black Yukon have a dark purple touch around the edge. Purple looks bold and beautiful on anyone, EXCEPT this weekend. I HATE purple for the next 72 hours! It makes me want to puke!

So here’s to a great weekend in college football! Fabulous fashion, a  hot coach and really good snacks us ladies come up with!

Speaking of delicious, in the “fall mood” snacks, I have a fall snack video on YouTube with two delicious recipes! Check it OUT!  Delicious Fall Recipes

Pumpkin cream cheese dip and a concoction I came up with, I like to call a carmel apple cheese ball. Yes, it’s absolutely amazing!


Reauxll   Tide Reauxll      – Mrs. Sonshine

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