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Jerseys & Heels: 100 Years of Ugly

Ladies, 100 years ago, in 1901 was the first match up between this famous southern rivalry.


Alabama’s Crimson Tide     VS.     Tennessee’s Rocky Top Volunteers


This was the first time we came in contact with such awful, unfashionable colors of any team in history.

The reason it’s been such a huge rivalry for so long is because Tennessee and Alabama have always competed for the top spot in the conference almost every year. Not so much lately 🙂 Well, and because crimson is just so much beautiful and enjoyable than that throw-up shade of orange.

This tradition has been so deep down some says it’s worse than the Iron Bowl. My husband Simeon, says he hates Tennessee so much, he’d rather loose to Auburn than to the Volunteers. Ouch! That’s like a serious statement! Like most Alabama fans, that ugly orange make him want to puke!

In the 1950s, Jim Goostree, the head trainer for Alabama, began a tradition as he started handing out cigars following a victory over the Volunteers. Both teams continued the tradition for some time, though kept it secret due to the NCAA rules concerning extra benefits and tobacco products. Alabama publicly restarted the tradition in 2005, though as a result, self-reported an NCAA violation  before finally being banned following the violation. (That violation was probably another Phillip Fulmer tattletale episode)

Well, light up your cigars because it’s the third Saturday in October and ladies  (and gentlemen). We have no choice but to win this game!

This Saturday is known in history as one of the deepest rooted rivalries in college football!


Are you ready?!


Game time is 7:15 eastern on ESPN


Simeon sacking the QB
Simeon vs. Tennessee
Haley Hunt Castille
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