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Jerseys & Heels: A Football Legacy

Ladies, remember last week I suggested to know the WHO, WHERE & WHEN?

Joe & Bear 1979

Well this week, Alabama’s opponent:

WHO :  The Pennsylvania University also known as 

WHERE: State,

WHEN: this Saturday, Sept 10th, 3:30 on

FYI- After 44 years as head coach for the Nittany Lions, Joe Paterno  never beat his friend and rival Coach Bryant, but is the third winningest coach in college with 383 wins. He is 83 years old and still on fire! Coach reminds me of Coach Bryant, with the legacy he’s built with the program and the incredible respect that true college have for him. My dad has a few favorite memories when reminiscing about playing for Coach Bryant, and one has always been the games against State. So this Saturday,   loudly and respectfully, because these two schools are two of footballs most respected and traditional programs in history: Legacy vs. Legacy.

Roll Tide! -Haley




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