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Jersey’s & Heels: Surviving Football Season

Since the day I was in a pop-warner leading skirt  I’ve been in love with sports. Most important in my heart, football. If you remember the intuitive, determined little from Remember The Titans who knew every play, call, name and number? Yeah, that was me. I screamed at the T.V. along side my daddy, and actually knew what I was talking about, pretty much.

As I got older, I realized not only how empowered I felt that I was so informed about sports, some more than others, but the obvious key to a successful dating life: guys think it’s “hot” when a knows something about sports!  I was definitely not an expert at every sport, but I’m pretty sure they  loved the fact I was at least willing to learn and considered enjoying it. Didn’t you know together is a guy’s dream date?!

I know this isn’t the norm for every out there, but guess what?! I’m going to teach you how to not only survive football season, but actually enjoy it and know a thing or two!

1. Ask your guy to teach you the basic rules of the game and stuff you don’t know already! He would LOVE to flex his “sports knowledge” and show you the way. Note: Be sure to ask before game days, guys want to focus on the game and your intuitive become annoying instead “hot” for the next 60 minutes. 

     2. Memorize a few of your favorite players, their number and position. Don’t know which one’s to pick? Start with the good looking ones. Write them down or make yourself flash cards (no I’m not kidding) and get to memorizing asap!

     3.  Know some history about your team! 


4. Each week inform yourself about WHO, WHEN,  & WHERE: These 3 simple details give you access into the  “guys only” conversations you’re use to.

          WHO are we playing         WHEN is the game        WHERE are we playing

     5. Stay tuned for my football tips this season! 

Believe it or not, guys don’t always want to watch the game with their “boys”. Sometimes they like to show off their football lovin’ woman!  Love- Haley     

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