Work That Updo!


In kindergarten, called me Dumbo. They were referring to my ears. My ears aren’t big, they just stick out, and either way it still hurt my feelings. When I was in 5th grade I still carried some baby around. Let’s just say I was, “plump”. made of me, called me “fat” , “flubbery” and so on. Well, the fat went out for the lead part in the school play, and guess who got the role?! Yep, flubbery ‘ole me!

In high school, I was often addressed as E.T. and all in honor of my long, monkey like fingers. They’re not as big as an players hands, but I can palm a basketball… like for real. I also was called Dottie after a famous professional player, I guess we had the same “thick” thighs?

All my life, each and every flaw was pointed out by perfect (ha!) people all around me. They found something they didn’t like or see as “good enough” and found a way to bash every single one of them. I finally realized that I was made in ’s image, exactly how He wanted me and that made embracing my flaws so much easier.

Such an elementary thought process right? Well, we’re all headed back to school, and I think we might need to go back to the basics and remember the simple principles that help us and accept who we are. Whether your a student, teacher, mom of a student or just need a fresh start like me, remember that everyone has flaws. I have learned to embrace them, have you? I often rock a pony tail just to force myself to love my ears and get over it! Is it easy? Well of course not, its a daily choice to accept how made us and rock it the best we can.

So boo-ya to all those out there, nobody’s perfect!

Work that updo girl, work it! – mrs.

Love, Mrs.

PS. Did you know that I can hear better than most people? Try cupping your hands and putting them behind your ears, pulling forward so your ears are stick straight out, then have someone come talk to you, crazy difference right? Being picked for the lead of the school play, plump and all, gave me major to perform and ended up making me appreciate myself more. My long fingers come in handy when I play the piano and throw the football. My thick thighs were the culprit of the #1 I have received since being out of high school, awesome legs.

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