Jersey’s & Heels: SEC Pride & Humility

& Humility

No one pays attention to the teams you are suppose to beat, until you loose to them. So nation let’s make sure to never take a day in the for granted! You never know what could happen! Now, I am not saying I think the Rebels have even a slight chance at winning this weekend, but hopefully our Tide will stay humble and play like they have been the last few weeks! This week it’s short and sweet! We play the Rebels, and if we killed Vandy, and Vandy destroyed them, well, our side of the field looks pretty bright! 

Who:   Alabama vs

When : This Saturday eastern

Where: At Ole Miss


Other SEC match ups:

@    7:00pm     Go !

@  3:30  

@ Ms. State  12:21  ESPN Network


 One more IMPORTANT point to make: This is the time of year I see so many people putting so much passion, time and effort into things that really don’t matter, stuff we can’t take into eternity with us… like football, winning &  championships.  When you get to heaven, I am pretty sure God isn’t going to ask you, “how many wins did your team win while you were cheering?”, because to Him, that’s not what matter. I’m not saying that loving football is a sin! DUH, but let’s be reminded of what really matters. Family, praying together, helping others, serving people without expecting a return, loving strangers, and going above and beyond to show the love of God. 

     Get a hold of yourself, or your obnoxious, out of control fan-friend, shake him and remind him of what REALLY COUNTS. I feel bad for people who’s spouses base their attitude for the rest of the week on a WIN or LOOSE of the game…  come on now, that’s not winning.  

     If you need prayer, or know someone in desperate need of some, or just needs some hope.

Email   or visit

And remember, we love to WIN at all the important things in life! Right!?

, love others, Mrs. Sonshine


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