Fill The Bowl for A-Day 2024 and, are partnering in an effort to “FILL THE BOWL” again at Bryant-Denny Stadium for Kalen DeBoer's first A-Day game

2024 Alabama A-day, Fill the Bowl!

On April 21, 2007, Alabama fans turned out in record numbers for Nick Saban’s first A-Day spring scrimmage game.

In 2024, two Alabama news websites, and, are partnering in an effort to “FILL THE BOWL” again at Bryant-Denny Stadium for Kalen DeBoer’s first A-Day game as Alabama’s newest head coach.

Help us do our part by committing to attend the Golden Flake A-Day Spring Football Game on Saturday, April 13, for a 3 p.m. kickoff. Admission is free. Bring the family and friends, fill up the car and help us welcome new head coach Kalen DeBoer to Tuscaloosa.

Saban’s inaugural A-Day game was a watershed moment for college football, as it put on full display the passion and commitment that SEC fans have for the coaches of their beloved football programs. Those who attended the 2007 A-Day game will remember the series of announcements from the Bryant-Denny press box as section after section of the stadium were opened to accommodate a crowd that eventually swelled to capacity. Eventually, the stadium filled, even as fans continued to descend onto the stadium grounds.

Nick Saban cited the crowd as one of the most impressive and meaningful displays of support he received in his early years at Alabama. Now, Alabama fans have the chance to extend the same level of support to new head coach Kalen DeBoer.

A full Bryant-Denny Stadium at A-Day would again remind the college football world of the commitment of Alabama fans to its coaches, players and program as a whole. Help us once again fill Bryant-Denny Stadium to capacity. If you’re coming to A-Day, bring a friend. If there is an empty seat in your car, fill it up. Fill The Bowl.

Let’s start the Kalen DeBoer era with the same enthusiasm and commitment that greeted Nick Saban to campus in 2007.