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Is Cyrus Kouandijo Ready to Step into the Left Tackle Role and Shine?

Cyrus Kouandijo opening holes for Eddie Lacy will soon become a common sight.

Larry Burton, Syndicated Writer

Cyrus Kouandijo walked the sidelines of the BCS Championship Game and could only watch as his team mates fought and won yet another national championship. Though he was walking without a noticeable limp, there was no way the staff was going to let Cyrus risk his health or to be exact, his knee and risk losing him for 2012 as well.

That was tough on Cyrus.

But with Barrett Jones expecting to take the role of center, that leaves the left tackle slot open and Cyrus Kouandijo can now step into the role that all Alabama knew he’d someday inherit as soon as he committed to the Tide.

The knee that was injured early last season against Tennessee. His injury wasn’t as serious as that sustained by his brother Arie, a player projected as the right tackle of the future for the Crimson Tide and the staff feels that he’ll be 100% by fall.

He’s already participating in spring training and drills though he hasn’t had to be tested with full contact yet and may not be for a while longer.

Saban recently told the AP that, “We thought (Kouandjio) was a starter last year. Obviously he’s a freshman, but he made tremendous progress. Obviously his injury set him back a little bit but he’s worked very hard and made a good¬†recovery. We think he can be a very, very good player.”

You can see him working out in spring drills HERE and seeing him back in shoulder pads is a welcome sight for members of the Alabama nation.

Larry Burton
Business owner and sportswriter. Credentialed for three years by the University of Alabama and others. Interviews coaches and players regularly after games and in the off season.
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