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Business owner and sportswriter. Credentialed for three years by the University of Alabama and others. Interviews coaches and players regularly after games and in the off season.

Alabama Football: Is Alabama’s Football Program Experiencing the Fatigue Factor?

Is the rest of the nation getting fatigued with all the success that’s been coming Alabama’s success?

Is the NFL draft just one more straw that could break the camel’s back when it comes the Alabama fatigue factor?

What is the Alabama fatigue factor?

Well if you’re not an owner of Crimson Tide gear, you may not even have noticed that this national fatigue factor is growing with each Alabama and Nick Saban success.

But is does exist and it is growing.

Cyrus Kouandijo walked the sidelines of the BCS Championship Game and could only watch as his team mates fought and won yet another national championship. Though he was walking without a noticeable limp, there was no way the staff was going to let Cyrus risk his health or to be exact, his knee and risk losing him for 2012 as well.

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Nick Saban is expected to land yet another number one recruiting class this season, his third in four years by most counts and that should ensure that he has plenty of fuel to keep the national championship running at full speed down the tracks.

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Will Alabama finally surpass the “Golden Age” Dynasty of Coach Bryant?

In the sixties and seventies, Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant established a “dynasty” at Alabama that made them the team of those decades. He ended his 25 year career at Alabama with six national titles.

But is Nick Saban about to establish his own dynasty and what are the chances that it could surpass those of the legendary “Bear” Bryant’s best decades?

You decide…

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