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Serving in my Season


Could you imagine if the next time you went to a restaurant your waiter just stood around the entire time, never approach the table, took your order or delivered your food? Their tip would be down the drain and more than likely they’d be out of a job. When was the last time you approached His table, served Him, blessed Him, and asked Him what He needed from you? Or are we standing around asking him every five minutes why He hasn’t come through for our requests we’ve made known. Our biggest struggle is to believe that God wants better for us than we do!

We can’t possibly get into our thick skulls there is anyway that where He has us today will catapult us to where He has for us tomorrow, or that He wants the best for us! Doesn’t His ways always end up being better anyway?If we are His sheep, all we have to do is follow the Sheppard. That takes ALL the pressure off of us to figure it out.

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