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Proclamation: SEC Zebras Gotta Go

We encourage everyone to copy the following Proclamation tape a couple of pennies to it, stick it in the mail to the HQ (addressed to Commissioner Greg Sankey, 2201 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203) and let’s see what happens. It’s way beyond the time the Officiating crews were at the level of the talent of the programs, coaches, and on the field. #SECOfficialsNeedRemediation


WHEREAS, the was formed in 1932; and

WHEREAS, the is the premier conference in the USA; and

WHEREAS, the schools have a tremendous following; and

WHEREAS, the is incredibly profitable; and

WHEREAS, the proclaims “It Just Means More”; and

WHEREAS, the talent on the coaching staffs and on the field greatly exceeds that of those officiating games; and

WHEREAS, it has become incredibly difficult to watch even a 2 minute span in a game and not identify many missed calls; and

WHEREAS, the instituted instant replay to help on-field officiating; and

WHEREAS, even the instant replay officials are now incapable of making correct decisions; and

WHEREAS, the fans, administrators, coaches, and are tired of witnessing such overt incompetence each and every week; and

WHEREAS, the last two weeks have seen the Tiger be awarded wins by the complete, and acknowledged, failure of the officiating crews – on and above the field and in the SEC Office,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the people and of the SEC, do hereby proclaim October 27, as “Zebras Gotta Go Day,” and encourage fans everywhere to recognize that – even though their coaches cannot publicly address this SEC officiating incompetency and even though the outcomes of the many incompetencies are so very public to all – we MUST find ways to voice our collective outrage and do hereby each commit to sending two pennies via US Mail to the SEC Headquarters in care of Commissioner Greg Sankey, 2201 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203 with the instruction to use the pennies to find new, better officials or remediate the ones they keep.

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