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From the Recruiting Board
Last updated: 9/27/2014
1 – system and examples.
2 – Results listed from 1-26 with links to individual evaluation threads which are open for discussion will be available as the countdown continues.
3 – Consensus evaluations and notations for each signee.
4 – When the countdown is completed, in this thread, we will add our individual mod lists/ from 1-26 and open up the thread.

* Some players have been viewed in person but, the majority of our finished product was arrived at by watching every available piece of film on the web. Admittedly this is not the preferred route but, just to let you in on a little secret of the player game, this is the same way the vast majority of prospects are rated by “pro” or pay services. So, take it for what it’s worth from your own perspective. As a staff, we feel confident our ratings will pan out as well if not better than any others over the next 3 to 5 years.

The System … (including current or past players cited as examples)

Our system is designed to be fair with the intent of accurately forecasting the Alabama career path for each individual signee. Accuracy is our goal but, we strive to forecast the future for each signee while steering clear of unrealistic or ridiculous expectations and remaining free of unnecessary criticism whenever it is avoidable. As an example, some people may say, “That guy will never see the field unless it’s at the end of a blowout.” Not us as we will take the high road and attempt to express only the positive or “high side” possibilities for prospects.

The first group, the five and 4.5 stars and the second group, the 4 and 3.5 stars are the players who should eventually form the core of the roster over the next 3-5 years . The third group, the 3 and 2.5 stars and the final group the 2 and 1 stars are for contributors.

(5) Five star – Very high quality players with /AA potential , i.e. Smith, Caldwell.

(4.5) Four and one half star – High quality multi-year starters, i.e. Mike Johnson.

(4) Four star – Quality multi-year starter. i.e. Drew Davis.

(3.5) Three and one half star – Rotation regulars and eventual starter. i.e. Lorenzo Washington.

(3) Three star – Will contribute and earn rotation at their position, i.e. Luther Davis.

(2.5) Two and one half star – Special teams contributor with spot rotation, i.e. Tyrone King.

(2) Two star- Special Teams players – K’s , P’s , return specialist, i.e. Corey Smith, Brandon Brooks.

(1) One star – Sleepers/Projects – It’s really not intended in any way as an insult. While it can be for players who you feel sucks, i.e. or a signee who is thought to be nothing more than project, i.e. Bart Raulston. It’s mainly for players whose potential is undetermined because of questions such as playing offense or defense, i.e. Travis McCall, position, i.e. Brad Smelley, size, i.e, Paul Hogan, Ralph Staten, or recovering from a serious injury, i.e. Earnest Nance, etc. Maybe even just an average player who you believe will get a chance to contribute because they’re a relative of a former player, coach, administrator, etc.


1 – Da’Shawn Hand – DE
2 – Tony Brown – CB
3 – Cameron Robinson – OT
4 – Rashaan Evans – OLB
5 – Bo Scarborough – ATH/RB
6 – David Cornwell – QB
7 – Marlon Humphrey – CB
8 – Dominick Jackson – OL
9 – Laurence “Hootie” Jones – S
10 – Christian Miller – DE/LB
11 – Joshua Frazier, DT
12 – Ronnie Clark – ATH/S
13 – Ross Pierschbacher, OL
14 – Jarran Reed – DT
15 – Cameron Sims – WR
16 – Shaun Dion Hamilton
17 – Joshua Casher – C/G
18 – D.J. Pettway – DE
19 – J.C. Hassenauer – C
20 – Keith Holcombe – LB
21 – Derek Kief – WR
22 – Ty Flournoy-Smith – TE
23 – Johnny Dwight – DT
24 – Montel McBride – OG
25 – OJ Smith – DT
26 – JK Scott, P/K


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