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2014 Previews: Projected SEC standings and top 25

Projected SEC standings

SEC East SEC West
Team Overall SEC Team Overall SEC
1. Georgia 12-1 8-0 1. Alabama 11-1 7-1
2. 11-1 7-1 2. LSU 10-2 6-2
3. Florida 7-5 4-4 3. 9-3 5-3
4. Missouri 7-5 4-4 4. 9-3 5-3
5. Vanderbilt 6-6 2-6 5. Texas 8-4 4-4
6. Tennessee 4-8 1-7 6. Mississippi 7-5 3-5
7. 3-9 0-8 7. Arkansas 3-9 0-8


1. Georgia Bulldogs need a quarterback, and not much else.
2. Florida If FSU can keep distractions around Winston to a minimum, a repeat may be in the cards.
3. Alabama Potential SEC Championship Game with Georgia could eliminate a top-4 team.
4. Ohio Meyer would love a shot at in a playoff – or so he thinks.
5. Just on the outside looking in, and would have to pull for hated Georgia to score a slot.
6. Oklahoma Sugar Bowl provided a glimpse of how good this team could be when it’s focused.
7. Oregon Ducks will go as far as QB Marcus Mariota can take them.
8. LSU Half the top eight are SEC teams. What did you expect?
9. UCLA Trendy pick to crash the party needs to get by Ducks, Stanford first.
10. Baylor Unbelievable that the have become perennial winners, but it’s happened.
11. Old-school Spartans crush the Big Ten’s mediocre middle.
12. Can’t bet on luck to line up again like it did in 2013; defense needs work.
13. Stanford Rebuilding year of sorts in Palo Alto, with Cardinal likely to play the spoiler role this season.
14. Rebels have a chance to make a statement behind stout, veteran defense.
15. Wisconsin Badgers need a quarterback. Top candidate for potential Bust Of The Year.
16. USC Depth concerns linger,but have the talent to compete.
17. Notre Dame Fighting Irish still lack the athleticism of the top 12-14 teams on this list.
18. Clemson Tigers likely to experience what stock market calls “a correction.”
19. Get ready for the James Franklin era to kickoff in Happy Valley.
20. Texas Porous defense, quarterback mask a solid offensive line, special teams and receivers.
21. Washington Like UCLA, another media darling from the West Coast. But have teeth.
22. Texas Charlie Strong will make Longhorns tougher, but it won’t be a quick process.
23. There’s no logical reason the Wildcats should be ranked this high. And then Bill Snyder walks out of the tunnel.
24. Louisville Bob Petrino steps into the perfect situation; Cardinals are darkhorse top-10 pick.
25. Nebraska Current regime needs a better finish than this in order to hang onto their jobs.


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