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From Polls to Playoff, Part 2: The System Breaks

From Polls to Playoff, Part 2: The System Breaks

Beginning in 1936, the Associated Press ranked the nation’s top twenty football teams and awarded a national championship at the end of the regular season. Although bowl games (usually somewhere between five and seven) existed in these early days, the bowls were not taken into account when determining the national champion. There were several reasons the bowls were not included, including maintaining the amateur emphasis of college football, the fact the bowls were exhibitions, and the fact that most schools or conferences attempted to share the wealth by forbidding teams from attending the same bowl game in consecutive years.

Auburn case ends with 2 scenarios, 1 result

The NCAA closed its 13-month investigation into the Auburn program, officially on all fronts. There remains a cloud over players recruited through Willie Lyles, which tangentially involves some current Auburn players, but most of the trouble there seems to point to Oregon and maybe LSU.

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