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Signing Day 2013 could lead to No. 16 in 2014

Signing Day 2013 could lead to No. 16 in 2014

The Crimson Tide followed up national championship No. 15 last month with another recruiting national championship this month. Alabama signed the top class in the country, just as it did last year, which means for anyone wishing for a Tide backslide, it won’t happen due to a regression in the total talent level anytime soon.

Will Alabama finally surpass the “Golden Age” Dynasty of Coach Bryant?

In the sixties and seventies, Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant established a “dynasty” at Alabama that made them the team of those decades. He ended his 25 year career at Alabama with six national titles.

But is Nick Saban about to establish his own dynasty and what are the chances that it could surpass those of the legendary “Bear” Bryant’s best decades?

You decide…

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