SEC previews and predictions: Week 6

This week, Georgia and Tennessee, LSU and Florida and Auburn and Arkansas headline the SEC’s offerings in a critical week for division title races.

Florida wrap-up: Tide toys with Gators in The Swamp

After a week of hearing about how Florida was new and improved, Alabama put an old-style beatdown on the Gators, in their own backyard, and it could have been much worse – especially if the field officials had correctly ruled on John Brantley’s fumble at the end of the first half.

Florida preview: Bama faces Gator team that is remaking its image

It will take Muschamp a couple of years to fully transition Florida from a spread-option team to a pro set team in personnel terms. The Gators’ current running backs are not ideally suited to running his offense. But Florida is on much firmer ground than it was when the 2010 season closed.

Depth Chart for Florida

The depth chart is taken from individual practice and game observations, and is color-coded.

SEC previews and predictions: Week 5

This week, Alabama and Florida headline the schedule, but Arkansas-Texas A&M and Auburn-South Carolina are both huge tests and difficult to pick.

Arkansas wrap-up: Alabama finds balance amidst barrage of violence

There was no aspect of the game Alabama didn’t dominate, even special teams play, which was supposed to be a Razorback strength. Time and again, Alabama made more plays, using players that were clearly more talented, better coached and better prepared.

Alabama vs Arkansas: The Trendsetter Rivalry

The team that loses that Alabama-Arkansas game has NEVER won the SEC Western Division championship. Here's why.

Arkansas preview: Razorbacks have had this one circled for a year

Both Arkansas and Alabama are in a similar spot in 2011. Both teams have new quarterbacks and have opened with three wins over opponents that appeared to be grossly overmatched. This will be the first test for Arkansas, and perhaps the first for Alabama as well, depending on one’s opinion of Penn State. Arkansas has been talking this game up as a program-changer.

SEC previews and predictions: Week 4

This week, Alabama and Arkansas headline the conference slate, but there are plenty of other key matchups to hold fans’ interest.

Depth Chart for Arkansas

The depth chart is taken from individual practice and game observations, and is color-coded.

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