Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas recap: Defense dominates, but injuries become a concern

Unlike in previous seasons, Alabama had mostly avoided the injury bug in 2020. The Crimson Tide had lost only one of its stars, wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, which meant in comparison to other recent years, Alabama was getting off almost unscathed.

LSU preview: Despite extreme craziness, Tigers are still a quality opponent

If anyone thought Ed Orgeron was capable of winning a national title and then maintaining an even keel in the years to follow, they simply don't know Ed Orgeron. Keeping up with what has happened at LSU over the last 11 months – no, it hasn't even been a full year yet since LSU was on top of the world, although to many LSU fans it probably feels like a decade already – requires a baseball scorer's book. Or maybe a copy of the board game “Clue.”

Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. LSU

This is not an official University of Alabama document. The depth chart is taken from individual practice and game observations, and is color-coded.
Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 11

Like Alabama, the Predictions Dept. seems to be peaking at the end of the season, finally notching an undefeated week when there were enough games to be significant. This week, Alabama again has the headline game against LSU, but there are a couple of other games that could prove to be interesting, including Auburn's matchup with Texas A&M and a game between two programs on a bit of an upswing, Arkansas and Missouri.
Auburn Tigers

Auburn wrap-up: Tigers’ dilemma — not enough horses, too many elephants

t took about two carries from Tank Bigsby to know Auburn didn't have the running game it needed to challenge Alabama. It took one third-down pass rush to confirm it didn't have the offensive line for the job, either.

Auburn preview: A mismatch on paper, but an atypical matchup

Covid-19 waited in the wings to make its biggest sports-related impact in the state of Alabama until the moment when the spotlight was the brightest, throwing back its cloak, twitching its mustache and stealing the spotlight of Alabama-Auburn week by kidnapping Nick Saban and rushing from the stage, cackling as it departed. Given all of what has transpired during this season, was anyone surprised?

SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 10

A second good week in a row for the Predictions Dept., with only the LSU-Arkansas toss-up going against us. This week, there is really only one game that should be hotly contested, the Alabama-Auburn contest we preview in a separate article.
Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky wrap-up: A typical UA-UK game in an atypical year

At some point, Kentucky is going to have to decide what it wants to be in football. Does it want to contend in an SEC East that, in most years, will flow through Georgia and Florida because of the inherent recruiting advantages there? Or is it content to be a mid-level opponent, good enough to beat bad teams but never good enough to advance into the upper threshold of the division? The assumption, if Kentucky picks the second option, is that it will be good enough to both put modest scares into the hearts of the division leaders, while at the same time avoid embarrassing beatdowns. But on Saturday against Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Kentucky couldn't even pull that off.

Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Kentucky

This is not an official University of Alabama document. The depth chart is taken from individual practice and game observations, and is color-coded.

SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 9

The Predictions Dept. is slowly getting back to its typical success rate in SEC games, no thanks to Covid-19, and finally has a somewhat full slate of games to work with in Week 9. There isn't really a headliner, though, as none of the games on the SEC slate are particularly meaningful. The best of the bunch may be the LSU-Arkansas matchup due to the controversy boiling in Baton Rouge.

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