Saban’s going nowhere, but we like for you to be prepared

What to do if Dabo isn’t the guy

The Non-Dabos category is made up of at least three subcategories:

  1. Coaches with ties to ,
  2. Coaches with ties to , or not,
  3. The rest.

Of those three subcategories, Alabama’s next coach probably won’t get past item No. 1 – presuming the choice isn’t , of course. Nick Saban’s coaching tree is tall, wide and has a solid root system. And if Swinney turns Alabama down, whoever the Alabama athletic director is at the time of the hire will have his or hands full simply sorting the names from the list of former Saban assistants.

From “The Non-Dabos,” here’s our projected list of possibilities, with a blurb about each. These are ranked in the order we believe they would be considered, assuming Swinney isn’t in the mix:

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