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2014 Previews: Rating the Units

2014 Previews: Rating the Units

While college football might be a numbers game to some, putting objective numbers down to predict a team’s chances in the upcoming season can be a challenge – some say impossible.

The system we present to you tries to do the impossible. What follows is a ranking of every position group of every team in the SEC, and we try to make the results as objective as we can.

Via a process that first went to press nine years ago, TideFans/NARCAS expanded its rating system beyond the simple six-class system employed in the past. In all 14 SEC previews, you’ll notice eight unit divisions – quarterbacks (QB), running backs (RB), wide receivers and tight ends (WR), offensive line (OL), defensive line (DL), linebackers (LB), defensive backs (DB) and kickers, punters, return men and coverage units (ST, for special teams).

Bama’s newest holiday tradition: Shooting down Saban rumors

From the time Saban left LSU onward, his employment status has been watched like the depository at Fort Knox. Fans of several NFL teams and a plethora of schools dissect every word, every nuance, every facial expression. Journalists split into different camps, some following his every move like he was a Teen Beat centerfold, while others manipulate the story to fit their own employers’ thirst for readership – and its kissing cousin, advertising dollars.

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