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TideFans.com Recruiting Board “Crown Jewel Countdown”
Tide 2014: Coker needs a chance, not crushing pressure

When Alabama football officially gets cranked back up for fall practice, the Jacob Coker Watch will start approximately 1 millisecond afterward.

Unfortunately for Coker, the expectations for him, which are already high, will simply continue to snowball over the course of the summer. And if Coker doesn’t come right out of the gate looking like some combination of Joe Namath, Peyton Manning, Y.A. Tittle, an M1A1 Abrams tank and Secretariat, the fan backlash could be the biggest thing since … well, since the last second of the 2013 Auburn game. There is no meltdown like that of an angry Alabama fan.

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NEW Jersey’s & Heels Video #2

 Ladies! (and Gentlemen) Here is your Jersey’s & Heels video this week! These videos are  just for you to find a smile on your face, have a blast watching them and maybe walk away with some more football knowledge than you had before!  Guys love women who know their football! Being able to understand what’s going  […]

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Recruiting interest figures to hit an uptick in 2012

For the first time since Saban’s arrival on campus, Alabama will have two position groups – offensive tackle and quarterback – with a significant talent concern in their lower classes. Putting aside for a moment the realization that the majority of schools would be happy with two position groups being strengths, let alone having the kind of depth across the roster that Alabama enjoys, the reality is Alabama is college football’s superior team at the moment – and Alabama’s placement there didn’t happen overnight, nor did it come easily.

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Basketball was a mixed basket in 2011-2012

Basketball season presents a quandary for many Alabama fans, to the extent that trying to determine just how things are going is like asking a NASCAR fan to comment on Formula One racing: It’s not an area of expertise. Looking purely from a perspective of results, Anthony Grant’s team went further than did his 2010-2011 team, which improved upon the results of his first season in Tuscaloosa. Still, given the potential of what the 2011-2012 team could have accomplished, its eventual landing spot seems more than just a little disappointing.

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By Jess Nicholas, TideFans.com Editor-In-Chief Feb. 3, 2012   If anyone has ever played EA Sports’ “NCAA Football” video game in “freshman” mode, he or she has a good understanding of college football in the Nick Saban era.   Alabama is making things look almost too easy. The Crimson Tide walked away with its second […]

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